Andrew Barr denies increasing casino poker machine

Andrew Barr, the Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, has rejected increasing poker machines’ number in Canberra to gratify the casino, and he has hit back at Richard Farmer, the Raiders club lobbyist, as a “gun for sale”.

Mr Richard Farmer met Jamie Driscoll, Mr Barr’s chief of staff, Jamie Driscoll earlier on Friday and told that he was utterly “stunned” when Mr Driscoll brought up the idea of raising poker machine numbers so five-hundred could go to the casino.

On Sunday, Andrew Barr said that Mr Farmer was wrong. He told that the government would not be increasing poker machines’ number in the ACT. Mr Farmer is a gun for sale and would push the agenda he is paid to on behalf of his clients. The Government would not be giving a running commentary on his paid advocacy.

Mr Richard Farmer has been taken on by Raiders clubs to cause against the casino’s bid for five-hundred poker machines as part of the $330 million overhaul. His crusade is also funded by other top clubs, who told that giving poker machines to the casino would scourge their businesses.

Poker machine numbers in Canberra are capped at 4994. The top 4 owners are the Southern Cross Club (620), the Vikings (715 machines), the Labor Clubs (503) and the Raiders (528). Back in December, the Labor Club board authorized a resolution stating that this would not sell machines to the casino, potentially breaking off one source of machines. Mr Farmer told that he had said Mr Driscoll the casino would clamber to find clubs willing to sell.