Christian Harder Wins Main Event, PokerStars Bahamas

Christian Harder has been the winner of the main event of the PokerStars 2017 Championship event that was held in the Bahamas recently.

This American pro player was one of the players in an entry field comprising of 738 players in total. This impressive feat achieved by him, saw him end up with a prize money of $429,664. This was indeed one of the first events to be held in the Bahamas. The championship event on PokerStars was one of the firsts to be held, part of the Caribbean Adventure series organized by PokerStars. This is a name change of the live tours that PokerStars usually hosts.

The champion of this event has now earned the reputation of being the first champion to be part of a new tour launched by PokerStars this year. Christian Harder has definitely made the most of the opportunities presented to him, being a pro player hailing from Maryland, 29 years of age. Harder was able to top a field that saw a total of 738 entries.

These were the entries that came in for the no limit hold’em main event which was a $5000 buy in event. This was also the major title win for him. He also scored a large number of points to win the title of the 2017 Card Player of the Year title.

Harder was in a position holding the second highest number of chips on the final table of six players. Cliff Josephy was the next biggest name on the final table with him. He is 51 years old age, was able to win the third place in the main event of this tournament. Both the players have faced each other earlier time before, such as in PCA in 2008. For Harder this final big win was amazing as he had been playing for nine years now.