PokerStars inaugurates New PokerStars LIVE Cardroom in Italy

The week began with PokerStars celebrating the addition of a new PokerStars-brand official card room to the PokerStars LIVE family. The poker room opened its doors officially at Casino de la Vallée, located in Saint-Vincent, Italy.

The poker room will be inaugurating the Mini Italian Poker Tour (Mini IPT) that features a guarantee prize pool of €100,000. The Saint-Vinent based PokerStars LIVE poker room is unique and fourth of its type in the world like the City of Dreams in Macau and Manila and the one at Hippodrome Casino, London, UK.

Team PokerStars Pro, Luca Pagano said, “The Saint-Vincent based PokerStars LIVE room is going to be the place to go for poker lovers of Italy and we are thrilled to present the best poker to the poker enthusiasts in Northern Italy and also present the pokers players an opportunity to play in a high-quality card room which is trusted and well-run.”
PokerStars and the Casino de la Vallée partnership is the clearly visible symbol of an important association represented Saint- Vincent by the PokerStars LIVE described Marco Trucco, Italy’s Country Manager for PokerStars. He further elaborated that there are already two Tour Events in the Italian Poker scheduled for the season and there are tournaments which are regularly offered to pokers on weekly basis which are also offering lots of cash game action.

PokerStars in a media note said that the PokerStars LIVE poker room located in Saint-Vincent is within close proximity of international airports of Milan Malpensa and Turin and is close to the France and Switzerland’s Italian borders and it is aimed at bringing back Italy into the European poker scene. This will be substantiated by trained poker staff and outstanding playing experience and environment.

There were 775 entrants in the opening Mini IPT with a guaranteed prize pool of €100,000 with a buy-in of €330 and the total pool of prize money stood at of €225,525. Jean Marc Bellini, the Swiss player won the event and took the prize money of €42,000.

888Live Local to reappear at Aspers Casino from May 2- to 31, this will be its third return to the casino

The 888Live of poker was launched by 888poker the online poker provider back in January. 888 is a fast growing brand of poker games in the industry and the 888Live is a program designed to bring the live experience and excitement to poker players across the globe.

The 888Live events hold easy to buy buy-ins that range from €200-€400 and it selects a series of local casinos located in countries like Spain, UK, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Australia, Canada, and Croatia. The 10th Local event by 888Live will be held between May 29 and 31. This will also mark the return of the Live Local Event to Aspers Casino, Westfield, London. When it was inaugurated it attracted some 600 entries and held a prize pool which simply doubled the guarantee money of £125,000.

The current event to be held will have 400 plus players taking part and the guarantee money will be £50,000. The competition is expected to be international audience. John Scanlon, Head of Poker at Aspers excitedly said that the most popular poker tournament is returning to the casino and ardently hoped that it will be bigger and better compared to earlier tournaments. He further said that the association with 888poker has paid great dividends and have been among the best that they provided to players.

What he meant was that making the decision of hosting the event again at the Aspers was a great stroke of genius. The Aspers event will have more than the 500 cap and with the extra 119 entries the event has potentially amassed a tremendous GBP 122,562 prize pool. Well it appears really exciting and if you are interested in enrolling the 888poker establishment also provides you with the opportunity via online satellites to get selected for a seat that would cost just $1.

Roy ‘The Boy’ Brindley experience and skills always keep his earnings in the offing

Avid poker fans and players dream of walking into the casinos to imperceptibly bring a final table down for lifetime pay-check, however, luck is not the only factor.

Experts agree though poker is influenced by fortuitousness, skill and investing in courses like psychology have been demonstrated to horn a players skills. Thus, every wannabe has to start by sharpening their skills before plunging into the gloomy venture of gambling. Roy ‘The Boy’ Brindley is based in Wicklow, Ireland. He was not known until he appeared out of the blue to feature in a major tournament where he incredibly performed well. His resume is short but encloses various accomplishments that distinguish him from average achievers.

Brindley first notable success came in 2002 when he ventured into the World Heads-Up Poker Championship to win seven ranking events and finished runner up to Kirill Gerasimov to net a generous €40,000 for his efforts. He also finished 3rd in the William Hill Poker in 2005 at the Grand Prix, 2nd in the Master Classics of Poke Omaha tournament in 2006, 2nd in the 2007 Paris Open of Poker and won the Bet Fair Poker Masters of Europe on that year. Card Player Magazine has reported no other participant has won as many European ranking events like Brindley notwithstanding his terse resume. However, he is yet to appear in the WSOP, WPT or EPT where a winning would catapult him to global prominence. ‘

As of 2008, Brindley’s live events earnings were above $800,000 although he has only been in the poker industry for a very short time. One cannot deny he has made significant winnings but there is still room for improvement. He should reappear in the poker arenas to join other Irish poker players who are performing amazingly well at global-based events.

Prahlad S. Friedman has used the WSOP to gain prominence

Players who only specialize in live tournaments only miss out burgeoning opportunities that are springing out online as the virtual games continue to advance.

Top-notch professional poker players like Prahlad S. Friedman have not let go this chance and have utilized it to the fullest. This has not fettered him from playing in live tournaments where his mettle is well-known. He has played online games vibrantly and is known to specialize rather than straddle in all versions.

As there are many game versions that are emerging online, players should concentrate on one line as to horn their skills well while optimizing their chances of winning. As many young players are now lured to participate in online poker, they can adopt his resume as a footprint to the top-echelon. Nevertheless, he has also served to show wannabes they should not jettison live tournaments as they come with larger prize earnings.

Friedman first clinched the World Series of Poker bracelet in 2003 in a $1,500 pot-limit hold’em where he netted $109,400. Later, Prahlad played in the WSOP circuit tournament at the Harrah Rincon placing 2nd for $363,165.

Along the same lines, he played a main event in the circuits in 2006 where he bested a pool of 8,700 to place 20th for $494,707. This game led him to argue with another player drawing opinions from stakeholder. Also notable in his resume I his winning of the World Poker Tour League of Poker tournament where he went home with a $1,000,900 windfall, this is his largest win to date. He also defeated Kevin Schaffel in a heads-up encounter in the 2009 November Nine event.

As of 201, he had accumulated above $2,300,000 in live events only. The earnings include $713,372 that he has acquired at the WSOP through cashes. He also has plethora latent earnings online.

Justin Oliver is Soon to be the Keeper of Gold

Poker players across the world are on a rise, in recent past we have witnessed the unprecedented growth in the activities from all these pokers and these poker players are working really hard to win a lot of games and develop a reputation.

You are going to witness some more and amazing addition to the list in coming future.

Justin Oliver is one of the best poker players on this planet and his recent endeavors and gestures related to gold minting in poker is making him the king of the Gold and what he has learnt over all these time can be depicted as smart player. His stint in poker field was very smart and all that he has learnt over the time is about how to dodge the fake players and come out as the strongest player on the table. He talks about protecting the fabric of being a good player and he also talks about keeping yourself safe and healthy.

The world is full of wannabes and all of these come to club for the purpose of style statement and they all are looking forward to be a part of it but they are least serious about this poker business, they are naysayers and sooner or later their dedication is bound to fade away but the problem lies with the people like us who all are serious about the game and it is about the harm we undergo because of these people, you will have to understand it well before you start suffering.

It is going to take a lot of time but with time you will come out as stronger and smarter which apparently happens to be the requirement for being a good poker player.
You will have to understanding steaming and you will have to develop a shield against it, you will have to make sure that you are using cards well in the game.

Carter Phillips is an excellent professional poker

The game of poker is really an interesting one. There are different players who have different records .The carter Phillips is one player who likes to play all type of poker games. He is a player who has excellent record track in the game of poker. He is a player who has played at the poker games that are organized at various poker games.

He is a player who has $2,820,412 casino amount on his account. He is a player with excellent track record .He has also won many bracelets at various poker tournament. He is a player who has excellence in playing poker game. He is player who has 6 cashes and 2 bracelets on his account. He is a player who has won He is a player who has 2 final tables at the world series of poker tournament. He is player with great and excellent track record.

He is a player who has even played very well at the world poker tournament as well at the European poker tournament. He is a player who has 9 carrier titles on his account in the game of poker. He is a player who has 106 cashes on his name n the game of poker. He is the player who also likes to play the game of poker for different social ware causes at various events.

He is really talented player who has made many records in the domestic poker games. He is player of great tribute. He is player who has won the poker tournaments. He is a player who likes o teach new upcoming poker player. He is a player who even likes to have great tournament played for all the new poker players so that the new poker player can learn new tactics ort techniques from the game of poker .He is player of great aesthetic and ergonomics from we can learn lot of things.

Jeffrey Papola – A Player of Great Efforts

He is a great score poker player in game of poker. Today his technique and skills are appreciated by many poker players. His records and hard work for getting these superb records makes him the best poker player in the game of poker. A poker player that makes game of card even better. He even likes to play cards online. H e has good score in online games.

A player who does not have best records in any of poker tournament. He is a player who has played in World Series of poker tournament and world poker tournament. He is player who has played a vital role in European poker tournament. He is a player who has been tittles that none of poker games. He has total cashes of amount $2,441,251 on his account. He has 33 casinos on his name.

He is a player who has $1,420,370 cashes on his name. He is a player who has struggled a lot for winning large number of matches. He is a player who has large games on his account. He is a player who has large games on his name. He is a player who has played many games.

In World Series of poker tournament he is a player who has 1 bracelet on his name. He is a player who has large records in the game of poker at international poker tournaments. He is a poker player who has large number of that is 3 final tables on his name.

He is a player who does not have god scores in European poker tournament. He is a player who has large skills set and plays for game of poker. He is player who has large scores in world poker tournament. He has 1 final table and 2 poker bracelets on his name in poker,

David Benyamine-Poker possesses a bracelet

Can you just count how many games are present in the world? Is that possible to you? Have you ever felt to know something about a game called poker? Poker is a game played from the day it’s been started so!. Such a game has number of professional players playing the game. You get the point? In such cases, when you think of a game to play you can choose it to be poker, as the game is really tricky too, but a professional like David can manage well and hence he is very familiar for managing the game so perfectly.
David Benyamine is a poker player from France, who is much popular for winning of a single bracelet. Benyamine was born by 1972, and he hails exactly from Paris, the capital city of France. The player had been familiar for being as a professional tennis player, but he later resigned or quit the thing on account of his shoulder pain. The poker himself is a very familiar player for his billiards playing, that too in France, whereby making him stand as the one among billiards players ranged from 1 to 10. The poker learnt the art of playing poker, when he was aged 12.
Many money finishes from his side:
The player is remarkably knowable for the play of high stakes cash game where he is a specialist too in it. Also, he turns to be the number one player to play Pot limit Omaha. The poker made his attempt to bear the fruits that is the single bracelet for the very first time in the year of 2008 WSOP. The poker has also made around 10 money finishes too. The player attempted the final tables of WSOP, whereby he achieved the bracelet only once.

Joseph Cheong: A poker player with so much of technical knowledge

Joseph Cheong was born in South Korea. Currently, he lives in America. He is professionally a poker player despite the fact that he is a college graduate with a degree in the field of psychology and economics. He started playing poker during his college years. During this period, he used to play at local level and that too with his friends only. After completion of his college, he began to participant in live poker tournaments. He cashed in the first time at the Deep Stack Event. He was a winner at the main event of World Series of Poker. He finished at the final tables of the 2010 WSOP main event. For five times, he finished at the first place at the World Poker Tournaments. By the year 2014, his total earnings from poker games exceeded $7,744,078.

In 2014, he finished at second place at the Draw Low Ball event along with a total of $55,309 in cash prizes. Again in the same year he secured 40th position at the WSOP Hold Them Up event and earned a cash prize of $3421. In WSOP, Shootout Hold Them event of 2014 he finished at the 67th place and won a cash prize of $4,411. On 23rd May 2014, he won WSOP high roller event as well as earned a cash prize of $295,500. In February 2014, he finished at 2nd place of $25k High Roller Event and won a cash prize of $94,806. 2014 was the best year for his career.

In January 2014, he won the online poker tournaments on the Poker Star. He is fond of all types of poker tournaments. In 2013, he finished at 17th place in Deep Stack event. He was ranked at 23rd place by the Global Poker Index. Despite his successes in poker tournaments, he has not been able to win a title or a bracelet at the main event.

Scotty Nguyen, the Prince of Poker

Scotty Nguyen was born on 28th October 1962 in ‘Nha Trang,’ Vietnam. His nickname was ‘Train’ or ‘The Prince of Poker’. He won five times the ‘Poker World Series’. The most important thing about the Scotty is that he has won five bracelets in the ‘Poker World Series’ games, and he played 37-Money finishes. He played eight final tables and seventeen ‘World Poker Tour (WPT)’ games. He didn’t played or won any titles or any final tables in ‘European Poker Tour (EPT)’, but he has played only one money finishes. Currently, He is only the player to win the $50000 in the players championship in the main event of WSOP. When he was fourteen years old, he came into the USA. Now he is 51 years old. He likes to play underground poker games because of that he was expelled. At the age of 21, he became an employee in Harrah’s poker room.
He made loss of $150 in one night total of small losses in a day. He won first bracelet in 1997 tournament of $2000 Omaha 8 and also achieved to get the $156,959 prize amount. After winning bracelet in 1998 tournament of $10,000 at Hold’Em World Championship with prize $1,000,000, he won two bracelets in the ‘Pot Limit Omaha’ with prize $178480 and ‘Omaha Hi-Lo Eight $5000’ with prize $287,580. In 2008 he won $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship with prize $1,989,120. In 1985 his good time started and because of that he participated to deal in a ‘Hold’Em Tournament.’
He came back in Las Vegas and started to play poker games and earned some good amount and became popular in the Vegas. Due to earning big amount prizes he purchased two big cars in cash and lived in a big palace due to winning more than 50k dollars in a single poker game. He had some bad habits and addictions due to which he lost many recent games.