Seed’s Mantra For Winning Event

According to Eli Elezra, Huck Seed the champ of WSOP 1996 Main Event is known for his skills to engage in all types of crazy prop bets.

Now, he has set up a fresh challenge of his.

According to Elezra, Seed has taken a new bet that He won’t cut or shave his hair until he gets the bracelet in the tournament. It is not just he had made his bet only for his hair, but the bet is for money as well. He has a bet in the amount of $5,000 each. In coming two years, if he is unable to get the bracelet in any tournament the he will give $5,000 to each one.

Elezra said, Seed has the contract extension option and according to that he holds the right to keep the challenge going for three to four more years. Means he has the time of five to six years. Now, this is the condition if he does not win the bracelet. And if he wins the tournament bracelet then everyone will pay him the same amount that has claimed to pay and this will be in addition to the amount he will be winning in the tournament.

The winning of bracelet is not limited only in the United States. Instead, it can be done even outside of the country as well.

Another factor in favor of Seed is, if he unable to get the bracelet, but wins two events of World Poker Tour then also he will win the bet.

So, this is how Seed has adopted a new method of pushing himself for winning more and more events. It is not like the desire for bracelet has made the Seed to make this bet, because, he already has four on his name.